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How Digital Impressions Improve Your Care

Dental Imaging

If there was one part of a standard dental visit that we can all agree wasn’t fun, it’d be getting impressions done. These bite-down impressions involved using uncomfortable half-moon trays that rubbed our gums and made us gag. The sticky-thick material they placed in the tray would ooze around your teeth and didn’t taste pleasant. The simple rinse they’d give you afterward didn’t help get the taste out of your mouth either. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to make a dental impression like that again? Good news! Digital impressions and imaging are here to save the day!

The Rise Of Digital Imaging and Impressions

Dental impressions are an essential tool used to plan out procedures and design restorations. With these physical 3D representations of your oral cavity, your dentist is able to carefully plan out any dental work needed. They reveal any imperfections, show a true-to-life representation of your oral cavity, and can be viewed from any angle. It’s hard to see how these keystones of dental treatment could be replaced. Digital impressions and imaging are here to do just that.

X-rays have served an important role in dentistry for nearly 200 years, along with dental impressions. They revealed aspects of your oral cavity and orofacial area that just couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. They gave the dentist essential information, from hidden cavities to infections at the root of your teeth. Digital imaging is a special process that uses x-rays to create a perfect view of the bony structures of your oral cavity. The produced images are saved in a digital format that can be viewed on a screen, 3D printed or sent digitally to other providers.

Similar technology takes advantage of an intra-oral camera to create a 3D image of the inside of your mouth. This imaging tool takes thousands of images of the inside of your mouth and then stitches them together to create a near-perfect 3-D image. This image of the teeth and soft tissues of your mouth comes with all the benefits of the 3-D imaging mentioned above.

Both of these imaging methods come with a shared set of benefits:

  • Ultra-precise 3D images in stunning detail
  • True-to-life visualizations of your oral cavity and health
  • No more trays that are uncomfortable and messy
  • No unpleasant-tasting impression mediums
  • A superior ability to plan procedures

These benefits clearly indicate why digital imaging and impressions have had an incredible impact on restoration and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, they’re easy to share with patients and other specialists without fear of losing the document. Patients can have copies for their own records and can even view them on their own home computers.

Speak With Your Dental Provider To Learn More

Impressions will always be with us, but digital impressions continue to drive dentistry into the modern age. These technologies influence every element of your oral health care. The improved diagnostic ability makes it even easier for your dentist to choose the right treatment options for you. Cosmetic procedures will be more effective and successful than ever. Just contact your dentist and ask how dental imaging is used in their practice.

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